Man Of Steel Review: ‘He Will Be An Outcast.’

I liked Man Of Steel. 🙂

In fact, it brought a smile to my face. By the sound of some reactions, you would think that there was actually no story behind it, and *just* destruction. It was there. Mind you, yes: There was a lot of destruction.


Metropolis was nearly annihilated. Might as well have been…

Clark definitely should have saved a lot more people. That is what he does. I didn’t see a whole lot of that in the film. …Yet, he also was trying to stop the “world machine” from destroying the entire planet, sooooo I can understand why that story and character decision/action was made.

As for the Jonathon Kent, and the actions he took to protect family, I have to agree 100% with my friend, Denny Upkins here. Sometimes one does have to remain in the closet. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having to do what you can to protect yourself from a world that might not understand you. Of course, Clark COULD have saved his father. But that wave and nod that Jonathon gave Clark was not because he wanted him to hide himself from the world. Jonathon did this A. Protect his son, first and foremost. & B. To relay the message and gift of timing. That moment was not the time. Jonathon was not about to make a compromised that could have put Clark in a dangerous position. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.

Originally, I was dead against the death of Zod, especially how it was handled. After conversations with my friends on Facebook, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am still very mixed on the choice made by the writers to have Superman kill him. But I do say this: Superman was put into a position where a compromise had to be made. There wasn’t anyway else in sight to stop him. At the same time, I do feel that it very much compromised Superman’s character in a way. YET, as my friend Jessica Leigh Carroll pointed out, this also could be the laying down of the groundwork for Superman’s moral compass. Since it was in self defense, and he didn’t have any other way out, perhaps compromising moment can help Superman to strive to be a better man. And perhaps he’ll spend the rest of his life making up for it. If anything, if Lex Luthor makes it to the sequel, Clark’s action of killing Zod can be ammo or a tool that Lex can use to psychologically torment Superman.

One of aspects of this film that I found to be very special was the spotlighting of Clark as the outcast teenager. Since this is one of my first blog posts, bare with me as I take a second to briefly analyze a few of the Smallville scenes from this film:

There was something that struck me when watching the conversation between Jor-El & Lara Lor-Van

Lara: He will be an outcast

Jor-El: How? He will be a god to them.

Both them of in the case with how Clark grew over the course of the movie are right.

Clark was and is, in someway, an outcast.


Lara knew this. She knew that her Kal-El would be alone in the world.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. In life, we all have to travel our own path; finding our own way. She knew though that he would be the only one who knew what he was going through in the sense that he is not human, but Kryptonian. And the humans might fear and never understand him; probably resulting in death.

While that may have been true, Jor-El believed that his son would strive towards something that others would aspire to.

Both are right. Clark’s journey in discovering who is was not easy, nor will his future be. Yet, in spite of everything Clark has been through, he still sees the good humanity and lives as best he can by the ideals of truth, justice, kindness & yes, The American way. In the face of adversity, growing up he always showed something that not many do: Restraint. He could have seriously injured all of the kids who ever bullied him. He didn’t. He knew that even though he could hurt them, that he would not  give into his lowest instincts. Even though he had to compromise that promise later in life, If that’s not strength, then I don’t know what is.


Clark has always struggled to do the right thing. I feel Jonathan gave Clark a compass in his earlier years to navigate through the burden Clark may have felt in learning the ropes of the responsibility of having his powers. In order for Clark to be a symbol of good for the human race to strive toward, he had to make some tough decisions, namely one being not to save his father. In a way, even though he saved the bus full of his classmates, he learned a valuable lesson about the consequences of what could and would happen if other people knew about the power he possessed.


Martha Kent’s guidance on having Clark focus on one thing, not only helped focus his senses and powers, but gave him sense of being able to block out the negativity he faced from his classmates and the bullies and bigots around him.


Though I personally have more research to do on Superman myself, I feel Superman really is the a character everyone, fictional and real alike, should strive towards. Though we may not always be able to show compassion to those who challenge us, Superman shows us that we can still hold our ground and maintain our ideals. Even though Clark was faced with a tough choice when it came to ending Zod’s terror and ended up compromising a part of himself, I still feel Clark consistently does everything in his power to be the best he can be. In the end, that’s what will have been important. 🙂

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  1. Outstanding post but I was wondering if you could write a litte
    more on this subject? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Kudos!

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